My name is Hendrik Schawe and I am working as a postdoc at the LPTM, CY Cergy Paris Université.

I am fascinated by simple models exhibiting an unexpected depth. For example the easily defined traveling salesperson problem turning out to be very hard to solve, the complex behavior of simple models, be it networks or self-avoiding random walks, phase transitions arising from simple interaction rules like the Ising model or the length of the longest increasing subsequence, whose fluctuations show surprising connections to random matrix theory and KPZ growth processes.

Currently I am working on models for opinion dynamics to obtain a better understanding how opinion change with time or which mechanisms lead to patterns observed in society.

Since simulations are my main tool, I am interested in algorithms which enable me to study problems which are on the first glance infeasible, like directly sampling the large deviation regime of an observable with Markov chain Monte Carlo methods or finding exact solutions of moderately sized traveling salesperson instances using linear programming.